Oct 1, 2008

Something exciting is on the way..

I am getting so excited. I have been making a few things lately ( reversible headbands, hair clips and bows, nursing covers, girly dresses etc.) and have decided to start selling them. So be on the lookout for my new website! Its gonna be good! Now if I could only think of a cute company name...any ideas?


  1. what are you selling and i can try to think of some names. congrats on the new business. you are a busy girl

  2. My original glass act website did cost money, so I switched it to a blogspot..BUT I am sure you could do an etsy website. You'd have to go and check it out, I don't know much about it!
    Names: All Things Considered, Anything Girly, Pretty and Pink, etc...I have more, just let me know!


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