Oct 11, 2008

Three more days..

Im feeling a little lull here ladies..any more ideas? Try some one word names, names with fruit in them, names that are crazy and off the wall, names that don't have the word " bow" in them...:-) I know you are all creative out there!!!


  1. What about Frillybillie?? or babyband, butterbee. bummblepop. lalabean, pambinna, rolliela,...any of this helping??? I am sure you can think of something like that.. Think Ash think!! Love & hugs!!

  2. I've got it:

    "Just Buy One, Stupid"

  3. In all actuallity, I LOVE the idea and the products!! I'm SO, SO excited for you. And proud! Is it weird to be proud of someone that's not your own kid? I don't care, 'cause I am. Both proud and weird, I guess.

    I MISS YOU, ASH!!!

  4. appleicious, bananaband, i have no idea so i will keep thinking


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