Mar 27, 2009

A budding stylist

Little Girl has always been into hair. When she was a baby she would be calmed by running her fingers through anyones hair. The only way she would stop crying in nursery was if the leader sat her on her lap and let her twirl her hair though her fingers. As she got older she thought it was funny to mess up your hair and she would go at it with a vengeance. But lately Little Girl has been into  "doing my hair". I put it quotations because its not so much " doing" as it is " pulling and ratting". ;-)  but she loves it, so I cringe and bare it. 

We have a large tin of clips that usually go into her beautiful blonde locks, but she has been obsessed with putting every single one of them into mine. And if I am not a willing participant, dad is the number two choice. Its pretty funny.

And one for Infant girls hair. It barely stays in! I will have to get some pics of all the clips in dads hair. Ha Ha!

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