Mar 5, 2009

A new found fascination with blood

So, here it is, the promised new post. And what is the topic today?

Blood..and how it works in our bodies.


Because it my children's newest fascination, and its actually quite cool.

A while back The Boy came across a picture of a cell in one of The Mans school books. He wanted to know what that "doughnut shaped thing" was. So, we had a short conversation as to what a blood cell was, what kinds there were and what they do for the body. 

I thought he and I had a great time together, me teaching..him learning. What a great and smart mom I am.

And then The Man one-uped me.

He came across this little ditty and the kids can't get enough of it. I swear one afternoon Little girl watched it ten times in a row before I got sooooo sick of it and told her that mommy had had enough for one day.

If you are into blood and  "They Might Be Giants" ( one of my fav bands in my earlier years..and probably still today..) then you will LOVE this:

(press pause on my music player first!)

There are actually two versions. The other one was made by a kid named Dave logan while he was a senior in high school back in 2005. Its a little more mature and not so " kid-ish" but my children LOVE it just as much.  I hope you enjoy either version, and maybe even  learn a little something while watching them! ;-) 

Try not to sing the catchy tune all day though... ;-)


  1. I love it!! And thanks for educating me as well. I truely forgot so much. But the only problem is now I will be singing that tune all day! Miss ya Smashlee!

  2. I liked the first one better! Maybe because it was more kidish:) But hey! I re-learned so much!

  3. Isn't it funny what they become interested in! Sage is totally into pigmy shrews right now.... strange.


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