Mar 27, 2009

The princess and the little sis

Little Girl has just started to get into dress up. I was beginning to wonder if she ever would, but shortly after we moved here she met a few other girls who showed her how it was done! ;-)

For her birthday Nana and Papa gave her a big box of dress ups that came with clothes and accessories including wands, shoes, necklaces, earrings and rings. She gets into this box and parades around in as much as she can pile on every day. 

Being the oldest girl in our family, she has been pretty used to not really having to share any of her things, since The Boy really isn't into that kind of stuff. Since we have had Infant Girl though, Little girl has had to adjust to the fact that not everything is hers any more and that she has to let others play with her toys too. Sometime it doesn't go as well as we would hope, and other times she does great. 

This particular day was a good one. She had brought out ALL of her stuff and thought it would be fun to let her little sister get in on the action. It was so cute and infant girl thought it was the best thing ever:

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  1. Isn't that the sweetest thing! I'm sure Sage would do it to her little brother if she could... he's too fast and does lots of "tricks" all the time, he's not too into pink and fluff like she is!


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