May 8, 2007


So I have been going to aerobics for about a month now at the church we go to and I bring the kids with me. The last couple of days when ever I go to change Little Girl's diaper..she will lift up her head and do a crunch! I say " CRUNCHES!!" everytime she does it and she just laughs histerically! Well, today at aerobics I was lying on the floor stretching out and she came over, layed down next to me and precedeed to do her crunches! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen! I was laughing too hard to finish my stretches, so now I am soooo sore! Though I am sure my soreness has nothing to do with working out so hard! My butt hurts so bad I can hardly walk up my stairs! Not to mention my thighs are killing me too! man, the pain it takes to be beautiful really stinks sometimes!!


  1. That's awesome!!!! I love it!

  2. WAAA1 WAA! WAA! I am so sotrry for you...:)

  3. I ned to edict my commets a' bit beter...:)


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