May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

So, today was mothers day and it was really nice. The Man suprised me with breakfast (we go to church really early, so it was a big deal! ) and he got the kids ready for church so I could just focus on myself. You might not think that was a big deal, but around my really is!
The primary kids sang " I often go walking" in sacrament today and it went really well. For those of you who don't know I am the primary chorister in our ward, well one of two primary choristers. So I got to go up to the front and lead them while they sang. It was The Boy's very first time singing in sacrament and he actually did really well. He moved his mouth like he knew the words ;-) and waved to The Man and smiled. It was kind of sad to not be able to just sit in the congregation and watch him while he waved at me, but he did watch me lead and I was proud of him for doing so well up there!
After church I didn't have to do one thing. The Man did the dishes and cleaned up the house and I got to take a nap. The Boy made a really cute satchel in preschool for me as a gift. It has his hand prints on it and cute flowers glued around it. I decided it would be great for all my primary stuff.
It was a really nice day all together and I am so thankful for my family who love and appreciate me. I love being a mommy, even though it can be challenging at times, and I wouldn't trade my job for any other one in the whole world. My babies are so special and I love them more than words can express, even my biggest one ( husband! ;-) hee hee hee) I am also in awe of all the other mommies out there who give so much of themselves for their families. I have many amazing friends who are incredible mothers ( including my own mom!) and who are great examples to me. Thank you so much for that. I miss you all! Happy Mothers day to you!


  1. Wow I am totally impressed. Nathan is amazing!!!!

  2. That sounds like the most perfect mothers days to me. Surrounded by those you love and who love you. The no work stuff sounds even better!!
    Of course no complaints in that department here, Rick, the girl's and Jeshua took pretty good care of Brooke and I.
    Then Rick promptly turned around and went to bed for 3 days...
    Motherhood is often tiring ;=o)
    I love to be your mom and how you you love to be a mom too!
    LOve, MOMMY!


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