May 22, 2007

Now I know how mothers feel....

Ok, so summer time is rapidly aproaching and no one is more excited about it than me..believe me. We have been stuck inside for what seems like eternity and we have had nothing much to do but drive each other crazy. Now, when I say "we" I really mean Seth and Eden... driving me crazy! So why then, do you ask, do I have a small but nevertheless there sadness about it all really starting? Well, I'll tell you. I think it has something to do about the ending of a wonderful two and a half hour break that I get from the crazy, stressful rigors of juggling two children, a dirty and laughing at me house, and a tiny furball rat dog. Thats right folks...preschool is at an end! My three days a week "mommy only" time is now taken a back burner for three whole months! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

I know it might seem as though I am over reacting, that really it isn't that big of a deal. On the contrary, it is a very big deal. Eden usually would take nap during this time thus leaving me free to do whatever I darn well pleased. Now, she has gone to one nap a day usually after lunch and Seh is home all day...every day. Im not complaining about Seth at all, or Eden for that matter. I am complaining abut the lack of time I get to clear my head and regain my sanity. The time I need to feel like if I want to to absoultley nothing at all, there wont be anyone to stop me!!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! Ok, I am starting to sound like a crazy person! ( I told you I needed that time or this would happen...) Now I know how all those mothers feel who have children in school. Only they have it worse off than I do, they are used to at least seven hours of no kids time, five days a week!

Man, I really need to get it together! ;-) I am actually looking forward to all the summer activities that we get to do as a family and all the sunshine we are going to have. I take comfort in knowing that even if my children are driving me least in the summer I can shoo them into the back yard and not worry about them freezing to death!!( not hat I would have done that in the winter..come on now)


  1. I feel your pain, but look on the bright have a backyard that Seth is going to get acquainted with very quickly. Just put Eden down for her nap and go out back. Have Seth do his thing while you read a book in the shade or are still getting "your" time and still being there to watch and protect your kids...

  2. Lol enjoy!!! You're so great!


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