Apr 15, 2010

The season begins

Its that time of year again! Soccer season has officially started and The Boy couldn't be more excited:

"Is it time to go to my game yet mom?" Ten minutes later: "is it time to go to me game yet mom?" Ten minutes later:" How much longer until my game starts mom?" Ten minutes later: " don't forget I have a game today mom!"

Sheesh! I am glad to see him anxiously engaged in the sport, but come on! I can only take so much of that. :) After a while I just point out the numbers on the clock. "see, when the little hand is on the 5 and the big hand is on the 12, thats when we will leave. OK?"

Ten minutes later " Is it time to go to my game yet mom?"

I just can't win! ha ha ha....

But seriously, the kid is in love and he does awesome. So much better than last year when he was on his butt more than he was actually on his feet. :)

You rock kiddo!

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