Apr 14, 2010

Yummiest green trees

The other night I made broccoli with dinner. Normally with three small kids one would think this was a dire mistake on my part.


Ha, good luck getting them to eat that stuff! Maybe if you drenched it in cheese sauce.

But, here is the conversation I had with my four year old daughter:

LG: *gasp!* Mom...is that...BROCCOLI?!

ME: Why yes my sweet sweet child, it is. (I really do talk this nicely all the time...I swear! Stop laughing....)

LG: Are we having it for dinner?!

Me: uh huh. *big evil grin*

LG: (pulls her fist into her chest and raises a leg) YES!!!!!! Oh mom.........this is going to be the YUMMIEST day EVER!!

Oh yeah, thats right. My kids can't get enough of the yummy green trees. Jealous much? :)

(P.S. I totally photoshopped out the food smears all over the walls behind baby girl because it was pretty gross....I thought I would spare you all the horror!) :)


  1. LOL! So cute! I was always a broccoli kid too!

  2. they like their veggies, that's way more than i can say for my kid. cute pics ash.


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