Apr 12, 2010

Some body's getting old..

Not me of course....:)

It was The Man's birthday over the weekend. It wasn't just a run of the mill kind of day either, nope...my man turned a whopping 30 years!

I still can't believe that I married such an old guy, seriously! Can we say "robbed the cradle" here people!?
(I just say that to stave off the daily panic I experience about my own looming 30th..)

The kids and  I woke up early to make him breakfast in bed. Pancakes in the shape of the number 30, so cute! I wanted to take pictures of him eating them, but he wouldn't allow it..seeing as how he had just woken up and wasn't quite decent. What, I can't put those kinds of pics up on here?  It was hard, but I respected his wishes. :)

His parents came down to celebrate with us and took us all to The Angry Bear for dinner, a recently opened steak house here in our tiny town of not much dining choice. It was delicious. The Man is somewhat of a steak connoisseur and he gave it a million thumbs up. I did try a bite of his and it made me sad to have to finish eating my hamburger! ( which was awesome as well, by the way..)

We also went to the tiny mall that this tiny town boasts under the guise of shopping for new shoes for him. I really just wanted to check out the Macey's women's shoe sale they were having. Any shoe, 20 bucks.

It. was. beautiful.

It seriously brought tears to my eyes. They had so many shoes! Earlier in the day I had gone to check it out, but the line to get in was sooooooo long. They would only let a certain amount of people in the store at a time. Crazy huh? When I got there later though, I just walked right in! I actually didn't find much, since it was so picked through.  I did see a few lovelies and try on a few boots, but with no mirror to judge them in, it was a no go. The Man called in the middle of my bliss to gently ( and jokingly) remind me that it was his birthday, not mine...so I forced myself to leave. Ha Ha! Next year I will definitely hit the sale a whole lot earlier with a few friends and score some awesome finds!

The Man did find two pairs of shoes for him at a different store despite my detour and I managed to get him a new fancy wallet on sale. I know.....big spender huh? :) In my defense, that man is more picky than any woman I have ever met when it come to just about anything. So buying him clothes or "guy stuff" just means you have to make a second trip to wherever you got it to take it all back, unless he tells you exactly what he wants in great detail. Soooooo, I leave all his birthday shopping up to him. Trust me. Its better that way. :)

It was a great day and I am so lucky to have him all to myself. He is the smartest, sweetest, sexiest, oldest man I know!

Happy Birthday babe.....

(dude..look at ALL those candles! That huge flame could almost set the whole house on fire!) :)

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